ip address behind router ?

Chuck Swiger cswiger at mac.com
Mon Jan 10 09:19:18 PST 2005

FreeBsdBeni wrote:
[ ... ]
> I can indeed access the Linksys modem directly and find out the address. But I 
> was hoping for a more direct or easier way to do it, if possible...

Because you are using a device which performs NAT, you have to query that 
device to find out the real IP; there is no way on a machine within the 
private NAT'ed subnet to get external information without asking externally.

However, if you connect your machine directly to the aDSL modem rather than 
using a firewall/router, you could run ifconfig on your machine and see the 
real IP.  You'd probably have to configure pppoe which can be a pain, and your 
typical Linksys broadband router already does a good job of handling that.


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