passwd(1) fro KerberosV (Heimdal)

Lewis Thompson lewiz at
Mon Jan 10 08:08:09 PST 2005


After successfully setting up KerberosV I am looking into using
passwd(1) rather than kpasswd(1) to change principal passwords.  In
/etc/pam.d I have all instances of krb5 uncommented and have also added
krb5 to passwd with no luck.  With a valid ticket running passwd gives:

passwd: Sorry, `passwd' can only change passwords for local or NIS users.

/etc/nssswitch.conf has:

group: ldap files
passwd: files ldap

which I suspect may be the problem (but I use LDAP for accounts).  Is
there any way to work around this so I can use passwd for changing
KerberosV passwds?

  Thank you,

-Lewis Thompson.

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