Cannot install and execute FreeBSD

b0ntrict0r b0ntrict0r at
Mon Jan 10 06:56:00 PST 2005

>Hello! I'm ArsenyI bought FreeBSD 5.2.1 on 2 CD from your distributor - And I have troubles with this system.
>1. I have videocard Sapphire RADEON 9200 SE and I cannot start X-server
with my videocard. X-server returns a messages such as 'Cannot connect with
device', 'Missing device' or 'Missing driver'.
>2. I have optical mouse A4Tech WOP-35 and X-server don't work with this
mouse. But it's work with classical mechanic mouse. Laser mouses also
doesn't support, does it?
>3. When I install this OS can I install on this HDD other OSes (e.g.
>4. I have try to install this OS on virtual machine managed by VMware
Workstation 4.0.2 build 5592 under WinXP. Firstly, when I checked packs for
installation, installer tryed to copy 'expat'. It copyed 1024 KB @ 1kbps
and installer was down. I reply this operation few times then loader return
me a message like this: 'Primary master failed'. Of course, OS doesn't
loading now.
I am running FreeBSD 5.3 under XP in VMware 4.5.2 it works good.  My 
hardware is similiar to you.  I have a radeon 9000 and a laser mouse    
I suggest you contact VMware and see if there are know conflicts with 
the versions you are trying to use.

>I bought my money for this CDs because I need to work and develop programs
in this OS but I cannot do it! I need a workable system there and now, ON
MY HARDWARE!!! Please solve this problem!
>  Thanks, Arseny
>b0ntrict0r at (American server),
>b0ntrict0r at (Russian server)

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