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Peter Risdon peter at circlesquared.com
Mon Jan 10 01:32:16 PST 2005

On Fri, 2005-01-07 at 22:17 -0800, Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
> > > > On Fri, 2005-01-07 at 09:59 +0100, Colin J. Raven wrote:
> > > >> On Jan 6 at 21:41, Ted Mittelstaedt launched this into the bitstream:
> > > >>
> > > >>> Use IMP.
> > [...]
> > >
> > > Now you mention it, I seem to recall a shedload of issues if you had to
> > > download the source and build it by hand. There were definite
> > gotchas in
> > > that process I believe.
> > >
> > >
> >
> > How so? It's PHP. There's nothing to build.
> >
> There were a number of gotchas that were serious EARLIER ON.
> Here's a list of the ones I ran into:

OK, I see what you mean. I was strictly correct and a lot of these
gotchas have nothing to do with IMP, but that's not much help to someone
who actually has to get a working installation of horde/IMP in real

Surely the easiest way to deal with a horde installation on FreeBSD is
to install the ports, so dependencies including the necessary PHP
extensions are pulled in for you, php.ini is updated properly as the
install goes along, paths in config files are correct, program names are
appropriate and so on. then replace scripts and upgrade dependencies
where there are security or feature reasons to do so? And that respect,
installing IMP is no more difficult or problematic than any other
moderately complicated web based application, which is the point I was
trying to make.

I just tried this and got a working horde without any problems. BTW, it
all works fine with courier-imap as well as imap-uw.


> 1) The versions of IMP and Horde in the ports tree were old and had
> security holes thus had to be scratched
> 2) X Windows is a dependency on one of the subsidiary programs so you
> have to plan your disk partition strategy.
> 3) IMP's config file used the name wvHtml for the MS Word viewer and
> first time I ran across this I spent at least an hour finding out that
> this program had been renamed "wv"  (wv requires imagemagic which
> requires X and a great many other programs)
> 4) IMP looks for user programs (like ispell) in /usr/bin not /usr/local/bin
> 5) many issues with getting Apache mod-SSL running properly with a
> self-signed
> key  (you have to generate it manually with openssl, the apache docs that
> say use make key or whatnot don't work)
> 6) There's no list anywhere of what drivers in php IMP needs you have to
> guess.
> (ie: ldap)
> 7) Using a different imap server than uw-imap might cause trouble with php,
> as that port installs the uw-imap client libraries.
> 8) All kinds of dumb-ass file naming issues with default config files from
> when php went to php4.  (ie: .php3 to .php)
> 9) uw-imap that ports installs was old and had security hole
> 10) php.ini and local.inc in phplib supplied by Horde has wrong pathnames in
> it
> 11)  php.ini doesen't have extension-imap.so and mysql.so in it
> 12) Not clear that dirs horde-1.2.3 and imp-2.2.3 need to be renamed
> horde and imp
> 13) - the instructions place phplib into the document root, and local.inc is
> in there, so a command like:
> https://machinename.com/horde/phplib/local.inc
> Will open up the local.inc file in all it’s glory.  You can
> you can move phplib from /usr/local/www/htdocs/horde/phplib to
> /usr/local/www/phplib and change all the references to point to there.
> Most of these are due to misinterpretaitons of the install docs, which
> exist because the install docs were written by someone who thinks that
> concise writing  is a good thing with instructions.
> Ted

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