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Scott Bennett bennett at cs.niu.edu
Sun Jan 9 16:17:43 PST 2005

     On Sun, 9 Jan 2005 08:54:55 -0600 Andrew L. Gould <algould at datawok.com>

>Mac OSX is based upon FreeBSD and may have native versions of the 

     Mac OSX was--and unless something has changed drastically in the last
few weeks, still is--based upon NextStep, another proprietary UNIX that was
based upon a Mach 2.4-2.5 kernel and 4.3BSD above that.

>applications you need.  I talked my 11 year old nephew through an 
>operating system upgrade (clean installation) of his ibook over the 
>phone -- including wireless networking with WEP.
     Unfortunately, Apple has not released a version for Intel processors,
so it won't help someone with a pee cee instead of a Mac.

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