Samba problems - stopped working

Louis LeBlanc FreeBSD at
Sun Jan 9 15:19:05 PST 2005

On 01/06/05 02:14 PM, Louis LeBlanc sat at the `puter and typed:
> Anyone else seeing problems with Samba3?
> swat dumps core every time I try to connect - SIGABRT.  Smbd & nmbd
> don't pick up the phone (yes, netstat -an shows listeners on ports 139
> and 443).  They don't log anything, just no answer.

Well, I got the network mounts working (no printer shares), and have
rebuilt samba3 several times.  Swat still cores, and I can't figure it
out.  It's still going south in the authentication phase, and even if
I put it in demo mode with the -a switch.  I haven't had
authentication problems with any other apps.

My current port config is as follows:
$ make showconfig
===> The following configuration options are set for samba-3.0.10,1:
     LDAP=on "With LDAP support"
     ADS=on "With Active Directory support"
     CUPS=on "With CUPS printing support"
     WINBIND=on "With WinBIND support"
     ACL_SUPPORT=off "With ACL support"
     SYSLOG=off "With Syslog support"
     QUOTAS=off "With Quota support"
     UTMP=on "With UTMP support"
     MSDFS=off "With MSDFS support"
     SAM_XML=off "With XML smbpasswd backend"
     SAM_MYSQL=off "With MYSQL smbpasswd backend"
     SAM_PGSQL=off "With PostgreSQL smbpasswd backend"
     SAM_OLD_LDAP=off "With Samba2.x LDAP smbpasswd backend"
     PAM_SMBPASS=off "With SMB PAM module"
     EXP_MODULES=off "With experimental module(s)"
     POPT=on "With installed POPT library"

Anyone else running samba- from the ports that saw this?

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