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Michael C. Shultz reso3w83 at
Sun Jan 9 10:48:42 PST 2005

On Sunday 09 January 2005 08:28 am, mess-mate wrote:
> I've readed .
> But sorry if i insist, the file to save is very-very important for
> me. This file contains the openoffice data of my work.
> So, i can't do any mistake and have no experience with 'cat', 'split'
> or 'mkisofs'.
> His name is 'home.tar.bz2' !! and is 2.4GB long.
> I've to find a way to save that file anywhere and must be accessed by
> my FBSD 5.3 as by another linux disk.
> To do that i've created a second partition /dev/hda4 with a ext3 fs
> can be accessed by my FBSD as by the linux disk.
> I can cp this file from that ext3 partition to FBSD but after changed
> and retarred/bzip2 My FBSD won't cp it to that partition " File too
> large".
> I can of course split that file, in this case it must be possible to
> join the resulting files from FBSD as by linux.
> I don't know if linux can join these files, splitted by FBSD, with a
> 'cat'.
> Anybody can help me with this issue ?
> Thanks in advance for your time.
> mess-mate
Here is my advice:
install archivers/rar
and archivers/par2cmdline
The following script will split your file into 25meg chunks,
build a cd_9660 iso of them and provide a way to recover damaged files 
just in case, later on.

assuming you file name is:
then run the following script as:

./ home.tar {don't add the .bz2}

	if test $1
			echo	"mkdir $1; cd $1; rar a -s -m5 -v25m $1.rar ../$1.bz2"
			mkdir $1; cd $1; rar a -s -m5 -v25m $1.rar ../$1.bz2"

			echo	"cd $1;par2 c -r15 -u $1 $1.part*.rar"
			cd $1;par2 c -r15 -u $1 $1.part*.rar

			echo "verifing archive"
			par2verify $1/$1.par2

			echo "mkisofs -JR -o $1.iso"
			mkisofs -JR -o $1.iso $1
		echo "command line syntax is \" {bz2 file name to back up}\""

Note: this script is not tested so it may need a little tweaking, it 
would also be improved if it could abort if the "par2verify $1/$1.par2" 
step fails but I don't know enough about scripting to do that, does 
anyone else?


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