Create tgz packages

Christer Solskogen solskogen at
Sun Jan 9 07:57:36 PST 2005

On Thu, 06 Jan 2005 19:24:02 +0100, albi wrote:

> Albert Shih wrote:
>> Suppose I have two computer, one very fast and one very slow, I want
>> compile some application (with ports) on the fast and put in slow computer.
>> But I can not use some tar or rsync (hard to explain why but trust me I can)
>> I want to create a tgz file and transfert it to slow computer to
>> install. How can I do that or where can I find some documentation for that.
> example :
> cd /usr/ports/audio/aumix
> make package
> copy /usr/ports/audio/aumix/aumix-gtk-2.8_2.tbz to your slower machine
> and use pkg_add on it

Is there a easy way of making packages of all installed ports?
(I guess it every port will get recompiled, but that doesnt matter to me.)


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