cannot get raid5 UP using vinum

Peter A. Giessel pgiessel at
Sun Jan 9 07:19:48 PST 2005

On Sunday, 2005, January 9 at 2:48, dikshie at (Dikshie) wrote:

>Dear Members,
>Can someone tell me why I cannot get my raid5 UP using
>vinum. I'm using FreeBSD-5.3-STABLE. 


>1 plexes:
>P raid5.p0           R5 State: init     Subdisks:     3 Size:        131 GB
>3 subdisks:
>S raid5.p0.s0           State: empty    D: alpha        Size:         65 GB
>S raid5.p0.s1           State: empty    D: beta         Size:         65 GB
>S raid5.p0.s2           State: empty    D: theta        Size:         65 GB

from "man vinum"

     init [-S size] [-w] plex | subdisk
         vinum init initializes a subdisk by writing zeroes to it.  You
         can initialize all subdisks in a plex by specifying the plex
         name.  This is the only way to ensure consistent data in a plex.
         You must perform this initialization before using a RAID-5 plex.
         It is also recommended for other new plexes.  vinum initializes
         all subdisks of a plex in parallel.  Since this operation can
         take a long time, it is normally performed in the background.  If
         you want to wait for completion of the command, use the -w (wait)

         Specify the -S option if you want to write blocks of a different
         size from the default value of 16 kB.  vinum prints a console
         message when the initialization is complete.

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