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Giorgos Keramidas keramida at ceid.upatras.gr
Sun Jan 9 05:29:03 PST 2005

On 2005-01-09 16:53, william gatlin <willietheturtle at linuxmail.org> wrote:
> I have spent at least two weeks of my free time downloading 5.3 and
> trying to get it to work.  After figuring out how to get an ISO image,
> windows couldn't do it because netscape insisted on modifying the
> file, I loaded it and got a lot of error code 1 messages that I never
> did figure out.  I changed the partitioning and allowed 1/2 a gig for
> the root directory and loaded it again.

Netscape is acting silly.  Avoid downloading ISO images with it.  The
ISO images are available through FTP, so you can use any plain good old
FTP client[1] to get a copy of the images.

[1] Even the command line "ftp" program that comes with Windows can be
used, if you feel like doing so.

You got past that though, so I assume you found a way to circumvent the
Netscape bugs.

The minimum size of the disk area you assign to FreeBSD depends on a lot
of factors: the distribution you choose (base system parts), the extra
packages you wish to install, the space you want to keep free for your
own work, etc.

For an X11 workstation, on which KDE or Gnome and/or a GUI development
environment will be used, I recommend at least 8 GB these days.  Disk
space isn't so expensive anymore and having at least 3-4 GB of free
space will allow

> All seemed to go well untill I tryed to configure the X.org windowing
> system.  Nothing in /stand/sysinstall would do any configuration of X.
> Went to the net and got instructions.  Finally got X to work and found
> vidtune.

You should really, and I mean REALLY, print yourself a couple of the
Handbook chapters before embarking on an installation.  The instructions
for installing FreeBSD, configuring it at post-install time, setting up
X11, installing KDE or Gnome from the package collection, starting KDM
and letting it fire up KDE instead of the plain but relatively archaic
twm desktop, are all there.

The absolutely _minimum_ set of chapters you should read and keep around
while installing FreeBSD are:


> Kdm comes up with a log in screen which just leads to another log in
> screen.  ctrl-alt-backspace won't turn x off as it keeps comming back
> on it's own.  Nothing leads to a window manager other than the little
> one that comes with X.

This is *EXACTLY* what kdm is supposed to do.  It fires up X11 once for
every 'session' you log into.

> I re-downloaded the window managers from the net and hoped that would
> fix it. It didn't.  I'm sure that the trouble is in some little config
> file somewhere or another  but I just don't have the time as I need a
> running system going.

Downloading more stuff won't fix what you are using.  Reading the
documentation (i.e. the Handbook) will.  Please do read it.



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