I quit

Mark mark at darklogik.org
Sun Jan 9 04:27:05 PST 2005

> The ISO images that you download over the Internet are for techies
> who WANT to learn how the system really works "underneith".  They
> LIKE IT when things break down because how do you learn anything
> if you don't have to fix a few problems?

I can definitely see this. I run five or six small servers at home
to provide a few services for the house and friends nearby. They
run a mixture of Open+FreeBSD. I spent a good week taking the system
apart, removing things, tweaking scripts etc. On the eigth day,
they were all running nicely and locked up tighter than a ducks
arse. I was left twiddling my thumbs. I contemplated logging into
a few of them and typing random commands as root so I might have
something to fix.

I suggest you run your machine with a precariously balanaced glass
of orange juice on it at all times. It will lessen the chances of
you being afflicted with this terrible, and above all, dull,

0.02 sterling

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