Freebsd 5.3 Performance

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> Robert Watson writes:
> RW> All I know is that the XP bits don't crash every week, they 
> crash every
> RW> three weeks.  :-)  My NT4 box crashed almost continuously.
> I have three machines, running FreeBSD, NT, and XP.  All of them will
> run until I boot them.  They don't crash, or at least I can't remember
> the last time I saw any of them crash (except for a hardware problem
> that was crashing FreeBSD until I replaced the hardware).
> All of these operating systems are rock stable when used and
> administered appropriately.  I haven't had XP long enough to prove it,
> but NT and FreeBSD will run for years without a boot in many cases.

Agreed, but this depends on what your doing with NT4.  If your an ISP and
your running NT4 or 2K or one of the Microsoft server platforms as a 
virtual host server for customers to use, then it is going to get stuffed
up at least once every 3-4 months and have to be rebooted.  And if a
customer is writing their own ASP code then watch out!  Crashes may occur

We know this from experience and we have several MCSE's on staff and run
the stuff on Compaq Proliants, we know how to admin Microsoft products.

Generally in an internal corporate setting where little changes on the
server, once you have one of the Windows server platforms properly
setup, as long as your using brand-name hardware, they will run for a
long time without trouble.


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