How long will 4.x be supported?

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Fri Jan 7 14:32:02 PST 2005

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sp0ng3b0b at writes:
>Given the serious stability issues that *some* users are having with 
>5.3, many are sticking with 4.x for production servers.
>Will FreeBSD keep the 4.x line alive for a little while longer? Perhaps 
>going into 4.12, 4.13, etc?
>I ask this only because I don't see a lot of communication to the list 
about these issues being addressed.

Just note that they "say" its supported, but if you want to use the latest 
CPUs (800Mhz FSB Xeon64), they don't work in 4.x. Sadly noone in the
FreeBSD universe is even familiar (it seems) with new server MBs.

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