openoffice on 5.3-RELEASE

Duane Winner dwinner-lists at
Fri Jan 7 11:58:25 PST 2005

gustaaf wijnands wrote:

>> Just a couple more questions:
>> If I keep my ports tree cvsup'd every day, I'm going to have:
>> openoffice-1.1.3         < needs updating (port has 1.1.3_1)
>> We generally do a "portupgrade -a" to upgrade ports unless 
>> /usr/ports/UPDATING affects us. How can I get around the openoffice 
>> discrepency since a portupgrade -a will always try build it again and 
>> end up failing?
> portupgrade -a -x openoffice-1.1.3 ??

I must be losing it. I looked at the man page twice and didn't see that 
-x switch. Must be Friday or something.
Thanks -- that does it.


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