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Marty Landman MLandman at
Fri Jan 7 07:41:42 PST 2005

At 10:15 AM 1/7/2005, Peter Risdon wrote:

>Boot into single user mode.

This has become a problem. Took a working keyboard from another box and it 
won't work. Unless by some weird chance I should reboot first.

But shouldn't the keyboard, if the ps2 port is working properly, at least 
have numlock and caps lock light up when pressing those keys?

Anything else I can do here? I have moved /root to /usr/root and logged off 
root, stupidly. Now can't get back on as root to create the link back to 
/root. Am logged on as a member of group wheel, and don't have the other 
type of keyboard handy.

Have one idea. Samba is set up and I can access from my windows 
workstation. If I change

    path = /
    read only = yes
    public = yes

to read only = no temporarily, just long enough to move /usr/root back to 
/root that'd do it, maybe?

Only thing is, do I need to su - to restart samba?


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