network slows 1000x

albi albi at
Fri Jan 7 07:02:46 PST 2005

Blake Freeburg wrote:

>   When a lot of traffic flows across the interface from internal to external networks, I find that the natd appears to get congested, making ping times to the next hop (still on my network) go from .1 ms to 1000s of ms. 
>   Rebooting fixes it
------- cut -----
>   This happens once a day there abouts (depends on what's been moved between internal and external networks. 

i've seen a box with 2 NICs where 1 NIC needed a reboot every 2 or 3 
days (replaced it when the problem was clear), i think the logfiles
(on M0n0wall) mentioned corrupted memory on the NIC, so perhaps it's due
to failure of one of your networkcards ?

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