clearing space

Marty Landman MLandman at
Fri Jan 7 06:48:49 PST 2005

At 09:30 AM 1/7/2005, Peter Risdon wrote:
> >
> > # mv /sbin /usr/sbin
> > # ln -s /usr/sbin /sbin
> > # mv /root /usr/root
> > # ls -s /usr/root /root
>Typo here: ls instead of ln - that's why there's no link.

Oh man, could I be any stupider?

>Do you have physical access to the machine?

Yep, haven't used the console in many months. Wonder what my Chucky screen 
saver looks like nowadays.

How do I get back on with root permissions from the console so I create the 
needed link?


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