FW: pmap_enter Vs pmap_kenter_temporary

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Subject: pmap_enter Vs pmap_kenter_temporary

    I am using older ver of FreeBSD RELEGN4 , my system has 2200S Adaptec
RAID controller which uses aac driver and a swap device on raid disk. When
kernel panics , the control passes to the aac_disk_dump() function under
aac/aac_disk.c , where the dump get queued to controller . As i am using
older RELEGN4 aac driver uses pamp_enter rather than pmap_kenter_temporary ,
on calling the aac_dump_enqueue va is passed i.e. return value of
pmap_kenter_tmporary.(in new version)

If i am not wrong than va hold the location of RAM from where data needs to
be copied to swap device through the aac_dump_enqueue.

:( I am using old version so i have pmap_enter which return void .

Can you tell me the exact task that is done by pmap_enter Vs
Can i use pmap_kenter_temporary in my older RELEGN4 (i cannot move to new

Romil Shah

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