Remote upgrade possible?

Tabor Kelly tkelly-freebsd-questions at
Thu Jan 6 20:26:44 PST 2005

Laurence Sanford wrote:
> Joseph Koenig (jWeb) wrote:


> This is possible, however you are always taking a chance when you 
> installworld without going to single user mode first. That said, I make 
> a habit out of pushing my luck with systems I have in front of me by 
> going so far as to make installworld while using an xterm in X-windows. 

I routinely use 'portupgrade -rRN' in xterm, in X-Windows to install new 
ports on my box. The second to last time I did this, one of the ports 
what was upgraded was xterm. And it worked! Can anybody explain to my 
why nothing bad happened? Am I running a risk when I do this?


Tabor Kelly
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