Experience with Dell Inspiron 1150 laptop?

Eric Schuele e.schuele at computer.org
Thu Jan 6 20:05:46 PST 2005

Tom Vilot wrote:
> Eric Schuele wrote:
>> I purchased mine from:
>>    http://www.pcdgloabl.com
>> Which as luck would have it is within a mile of my office.  So I just 
>> drove over there.
> Terrific.
> 1. Mis-type of the url: it is actually http://www.pcdglobal.com  :)

Yes.. thanks for correcting.

> 2. Which model do you have? The Mini-PCI 802.11b/g AR5004?

I purchased the 802.11a/b/g AR5004:5213+5112.  I have not been able to 
test the 802.11a... but b/g work just fine.  For whatever reason 
(someone may be able to answer) the card is detected as 5212a/b/g by 
ath.  Works fine so I'm happy.

ath0: <Atheros 5212> mem 0xfafe0000-0xfafeffff irq 11 at device 2.0 on pci2
ath0: mac 5.9 phy 4.3 5ghz radio 3.6
ath0: Ethernet address: 00:00:00:00:00:00
ath0: 11a rates: 6Mbps 9Mbps 12Mbps 18Mbps 24Mbps 36Mbps 48Mbps 54Mbps
ath0: 11b rates: 1Mbps 2Mbps 5.5Mbps 11Mbps
ath0: 11g rates: 1Mbps 2Mbps 5.5Mbps 11Mbps 6Mbps 9Mbps 12Mbps 18Mbps 
24Mbps 36Mbps 48Mbps 54Mbps

The prices I was quoted when I purchased:
Cost for the modules are:

Part Number	 Description	  	  	  Qty 	Price	
T60H835.00	 802.11a/b/g Mini - PCI Module	 	1 - 9 pcs
	(Atheros:AR5213+AR5112)	 	40 pcs	 $55.00 	

T60H786.00	 802.11b/g Mini - PCI Module	 	1 - 9 pcs
	(Atheros:AR5213+AR2112)	 	40 pcs	 $45.00

They (Chris Bartlett) were nice enough to give me the 40pc price for a 

DO NOTE:  They told me they do not do returns... also.. there was no 
packing.  They reached into a closed with thousands of them... wrapped 
the miniPCI in bubble wrap and handed it to me.  So there may be no 
docs/support or anything.  They apparently sell to OEM.  I didn't need 
anything but the card... so it didn't bother me.


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