Freebsd 5.3 Performance

M m at
Thu Jan 6 11:28:43 PST 2005

On Jan 6, 2005, at 11:10 AM, Tm4528 at wrote:

> 5.3 is not ready for production. 4.10 should be fully supported until 
> it is.
> TM

The moment you start paying for development and support I'll agree with 
you. When I need a particularly low per packet cost such as a firewall 
I'll throw down some OpenBSD much as I hate to do it. On the other hand 
there are plenty of workloads I work with where FreeBSD 5 works great 
for me.

Am I pissed as hell at that little NFS bug that's been floating around 
out there? Sure, but then I didn't drop the cash on a big Sun box to 
handle the load. While were at it, go look at what you get with Solaris 
these days. Sun's new OS can't fix the issues they are having with 
Sun's new hardware.

With FreeBSD you have options

1) do the work yourself
2) live with it
3) use another OS that you are either paying for or not.

In the mean time we all know you're not happy and none of us are 
capable of understanding the subtle and nuanced technical reasons why 
FreeBSD sucks.

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