Supermicro Hardware and FreeBSD

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Thu Jan 6 10:53:52 PST 2005

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>> Do you really have no contacts at SM or Dell? What kind of a development
>> org has no contacts with major vendors? 
>It's not a question of not having contacts.  It's a question of
>actually defining the problem in a way that a developer can get
>a fix on it.
>Currently, this is done with the PR mechanism on  Doing
>a search of this shows only PR i386/72579, which claims FreeBSD 4.X
>doesen't work at all on this chipset, which is contrary to what the
>OP was saying.
Thats NOT contrary to what anyone was saying (Im not sure who OP is). 
You're just too busy writing people off as trolls to read whats written. He 
said it didnt work at all with the 7520 MB, and he said his OLD 533Mhz
MB was faster in 4.9 than the new MB was in 5.3 so it made no sense
to upgrade. 

So, apparently, doing a PR doesnt work, since the PR you cited has
been largely ignored for 3 months. So whats else do you recommend, Ted?

PS: the 7520/7530 is required for use of Intel's newest CPUs, so its 
not some random chipset. It should be way higher in the list of priorities
than the peripheral "fixes" noted for 4.11. 

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