Configuring POSTFIX to use mutiple email accounts

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> Therefore, if I have several email addresses that are through different
> ISP's, don't I have to configure POSTFIX fir each of them?
No.  You're confusing *reading* mail with *sending* mail.  All Postfix does 
is send and receive mail.  It has nothing to do with how you read your mail 
and there's nothing to configure with regard to how your ISP handles mail.

What you do is configure Postfix so that it can send mail for you (and 
receive if that's possible, but you'd need a domain name for that.)  Then 
you configure your email client (MUA) (Evolution, mutt, pine, mulberry, 
whatever) to get mail for each account by entering in to the POP or IMAP 
*incoming* server the name of the server that you fetch that mail from. 
When you configure the SMTP *outgoing* server, you configure it to go to 
Postfix (whatever you named it) and *it* will send the mail to whereever 
you told it to.

If your ISP restricts port 25 so that you can't send mail directly, then 
configure Postfix to send all mail to your ISP's mail server.

If you can provide *specific* information about each account (incoming and 
outgoing servers, *not* your username and password) and your ISP's server 
names as well as their policy about sending mail directly from your 
machine, then we can probably give you specific advise regarding the 
settings you need to have in Postfix.

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