Supermicro Hardware and FreeBSD

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Thu Jan 6 07:59:18 PST 2005

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> > Why are you here?
> > 
> > I wish I could be as arrogant and condescending as you, but clearly you 
> > were born with an advantage in that are
> He has a Holy Mission.
> Yes, a mission to get the FreeBSD team to support 4.10 until they can get
> 5.x working properly. Whats not reasonable about that?

>That you think "being an unbearable asshole" is an appropriate way to
>go about it.

Well apparaently if someone asks nicely you ask them to donate their hardware.
Why don't you answer the question, as to why the newest intel chipsets are not
supported by 4.x, instead of bashing me? You dont have any answers.

You guys couldnt even sweep up after the original FreeBSD team. What a 
And apparently there aren't any technically capable people using FreeBSD 
because they all seem very happy with an O/S that is substantially slower 
than it
was before. What a waste.

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