BTX halted

kalin mintchev kalin at
Thu Jan 6 03:54:07 PST 2005

thanks for the reply...

> kalin mintchev wrote:
>> ok..  i tried installing 5.2.1 from iso. the same pain...
>> the machine has energy BIOS v6.00PG
>> board version tag is:
>> K7SEM Ver:1.1b 09/28/2001
> [ ... ]
> Later on in this message you mentioned you were looking at
> but
>   from the name & date of the BIOS I think you have an AMD32
> not
> AMD64:

ok. this is probably it.....

> If this is so, then you would certainly do better to install the 32-bit
generic x86 version of FreeBSD 5.3.

ok. i thought you can not install x86 versions on systems with amd cpus.
i'll try that... kinda new to amd - always used intel.

> However, you also mentioned that
> Windows
> was blue-screening, which suggests that there may be other problems with
> system as well, possibly a bad power supply or the like.

will double check power supply...

> --
> -Chuck

thank you....



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