Supermicro Hardware and FreeBSD

Colin J. Raven colin at
Thu Jan 6 01:22:23 PST 2005

On Jan 5 at 19:20, Tm4528 at launched this into the bitstream:

> In a message dated 1/5/05 7:16:29 PM Eastern Standard Time,
> kris at writes:
>> Why are you here?
>> I wish I could be as arrogant and condescending as you, but clearly you
>> were born with an advantage in that are
> He has a Holy Mission.
> Yes, a mission to get the FreeBSD team to support 4.10 until they can get
> 5.x working properly. Whats not reasonable about that?

Excuse me, though I may be a mere acolyte I have to severely disagree 
with you. If this was a bar, consider yourself smashed over the head 
with a barstool, stomped into a bloodied mess then unceremoniously 
dragged into the parking lot and thrown in a dumpster.

That is without doubt the single most idiotic, counter-productive, 
untrue, fallacious, and outright *false* statement I've ever read on any 
BSD list - ever.

4.10 *is* supported, and 5.3 works "as advertised" - what the hell is 
your *problem* exactly???

Apologies to the list, but this was just too much. I shall now cease and 
desist, instead just fulminate quietly and post on this matter no 

Regards to all,

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