error in burning v5.3 disc 2.iso

Colin J. Raven colin at
Thu Jan 6 01:10:32 PST 2005

On Jan 6 at 13:08, Rowdy launched this into the bitstream:

> John W Ward II wrote:
>> I can burn the other downloads but disc2.iso freezes up the system and 
>> won't
>> respond. I have a PIII 1ghz w/512 ram, XPPro and Nero v5 software. I have
>> never had a problem burning an iso before and even downloaded the file 
>> three
>> times and twice from different ftp sites. Can you help?
>> Thanks,
>> John Ward
> disc2 contains a live filesystem, including the ports tree.  There are 
> literally 10's of thousands of files - on my Athlon 64 3200+ it took well 
> over 15 minutes for Nero to collate the directories before it started 
> burning.

Sorry to jump in on this thread with an ever-so-slight divergence:

I too noticed that dic2 was labeled livefs (or something closely akin to 
that). Does this mean that disc2 is a knoppix-style bootable live OS??

I burned it anyway, admittedly not fully understanding why I was doing 
this. [slightly ashamed look] I guess I figured that what I didn't then 
know, I'd learn later.

FTR anecdotally, my experience burning disc 2 was entirely different 
from what was reported above. On a P3 850/512MB the dic took maybe 4-5 
minutes to assemble, then the usual time to burn. Blissfully 
unremarkable in that respect. :-)

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