Supermicro Hardware and FreeBSD

Michael C. Shultz reso3w83 at
Wed Jan 5 16:27:30 PST 2005

On Wednesday 05 January 2005 04:02 pm, Tom Vilot wrote:
> Tm4528 at wrote:
> >so why are you even trying?
> Why are you on this list?
> This is a questions list. Not an advocacy list, not a "BSD SUX" list.
> Why are you here?
> I wish I could be as arrogant and condescending as you, but clearly
> you were born with an advantage in that arena.

Have u never heard of aol'ers? They've been the scourge of the internet
for years.  I'm surprised one of 'em found their way into this FreeBSD 
list, broken filter maybe? ;)


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