Supermicro Hardware and FreeBSD

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Wed Jan 5 11:39:05 PST 2005

In a message dated 1/5/05 1:20:53 PM Eastern Standard Time, tom at 
>>Linux also doesnt do a major release until its arguably better than the 
>>previous version. Another lesson that the FreeBSD camp could well learn 
from. >You do
>>your tweaking in the confines of your labs, not at the expense of your 
>>customer base..

>I'm sorry ... I missed something. What exactly was the "major" arguably 
>"better" difference between RedHat 8 and RedHat 9? I got the distinct 
>impression RedHat was playing the version number game with SuSE and 
>Or how about RedHat 7.2 to 7.3?
Yes, you've "missed" the fact that kernels and distributions are independent
of one-another in linux. "Redhat" is just a distribution and has little to do 
what particular kernel version you are using.

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