iTunes server SUCCESS!! Here are my notes

Gregory Nou gregorynou at
Wed Jan 5 07:28:35 PST 2005

Timothy Luoma wrote:

> On Jan 4, 2005, at 2:10 PM, Alvaro J. Gurdián wrote:
>>  Are you controlling iTunes (and all it's music library) on your Mac 
>> from a FreeBSD box somewhere on the net, and playing it on the 
>> FreeBSD box?
> Oh, there's one big caveat: there's apparently no way to tell iTunes 
> to look for a iTunes server, it does it automatically... and I presume 
> that it would NOT work over the internet, perhaps not even over a 
> different subnet.
> TjL
Did someone however try to install something like jTunes ? I was 
wondering installing it, and would have appreciate some tips about it. 
Anyway, thanks for the tips.


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