modem not responding to mgetty

Timothy Luoma lists at
Wed Jan 5 06:55:14 PST 2005

On Jan 4, 2005, at 11:28 PM, Malcolm Kay wrote:

> On Wed, 5 Jan 2005 04:27 am, Timothy Luoma wrote:

> (FWIW, the modem works under WinXP for dialing *out*. XP reports it as:
>> "PCI Slot 2 PCI Bus 1, Device 1, function 0" on "COM3")
>> FreeBSD seems to see it:
>> $ dmesg|grep "^sio"
>> sio0: <16550A-compatible COM port> port 0x3f8-0x3ff irq 4 flags 0x10 
>> on
>> acpi0
>> sio0: type 16550A
>> (it is /dev/cuaa0 on FreeBSD)
> This looks like the standard serial port known as COM1 in windows.

ah... well that could be.  I was a bit concerned when I realized that 
Windows called it COM3

> (cuua0 is for outgoing connections -- incoming would normally be on 
> ttyd0)
> You probably want cuua2 or ttyd2 and may need to do something with the
> device.hints file to get these to appear.

mgetty seems to have editied /etc/ttys like this:

ttyd0  "/usr/local/sbin/mgetty -s 115200" dialup on secure
ttyd1  "/usr/local/sbin/mgetty -s 115200" dialup on secure

so based on your comments I added

ttyd2   "/usr/local/sbin/mgetty -s 115200" dialup on secure

and changed the line in /usr/local/etc/mgetty+sendfax/mgetty.config to

port cuaa2

and rebooted, which caused this error:

01/05 09:39:38 yd2  mgetty: experimental test release 1.1.31-Jul24
01/05 09:39:38 yd2  check for lockfiles
01/05 09:39:38 yd2  locking the line
01/05 09:39:38 yd2  mod: cannot open line /dev/ttyd2: No such file or 
01/05 09:39:38 yd2  open device /dev/ttyd2 failed: No such file or 
01/05 09:39:38 yd2  cannot get terminal line dev=ttyd2, exiting: No 
such file or directory

I'm unfamiliar with "device.hints" (other than having now read its man 
page), so I'm unsure as to whether this appears to be something that it 
would be able to fix.

> Certainly appears that mgetty is not looking at the modem port but an 
> ordinary
> serial port.

That would explain it.

> I don't believe you should need mgetty for basic modem login -- getty 
> should work.
> Set ttyd2 to "on" in /etc/ttys.

Yeah, it was one of those cases where the page I found when googling 
suggested mgetty, so I just went with that.

> However listen to what others have to say -- I don't claim to be 
> expert in this area
> -- especially not with the new features of 5.x

I'll keep that in mind, but so far you're well ahead of me as far as 
expertise ;-)


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