Epson Stylus C84 printer setup

Ramiro Aceves ea1abz at
Wed Jan 5 02:07:20 PST 2005

Hello Ted

Many thanks for your response.

Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:

 > Have you heard of the KISS principle?

no :-(

 > CUPS is unnecessary.  unnecessary software complicates the machine
 > and makes it harder to troubleshoot.  I don't personally care much
 > for this.

I understand now. I agree with you. When I was in Linux, I first used 
"apsfilter" and "lprng". Then, I read somewhere that CUPS was the new 
thing and lpr was an obsolete thing and I switched. I accept that cups 
is very easy to configure, but you are right, I have lost the control of 
the machine.

 > Also, too many people out there have got the idea that CUPS is
 > somehow required to make their printer work.  Not good.  This
 > leads to less understanding of how things work.

I completely agree with you. The problem is when a user has no idea how 
to configure a printer and has to choose among making some clics on a 
WEB interface or reading several manual pages without understanding a word.

 > This is a personal taste thing.  Some people like to buy cars
 > that have a factory cd player/dvd player/drink cooler/hand washer/
 > power windows/power door locks/factory alarm/antitheft key/remote
 > starter/extra fog lights/spoilers that do nothing at any legal speed/
 > gps systems/onstar systems/etc. etc. etc.
 > Others like to buy cars with a minimal set of things that go a
 > lot faster because they aren't loaded down with all the extra
 > unnecessary baloney, and don't cost as much to repair because all
 > the extra crap isn't breaking down all the time.

I agree again, I personally prefer keeping thisng as simple as I can. 
But in this case I have succumbed with the easy thing.

 > It is the same with computers.  I know of people who have
 > Windows boxes that are so highly configured it takes them
 > literally weeks to put backgrounds/sounds/games/doodads/etc.etc.
 > on every little thing of their PC.  To me it is sad to see
 > this same attitude encroaching on FreeBSD.

Thanks dear Ted, your post has made me think twice. I am going to study 
the manual and try to configure the printer as you explained. I seems to 
be easy and SIMPLE.

Thank you.


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