How to get internet working on installed freebsd 5.1

Hexren me at
Tue Jan 4 22:07:29 PST 2005

JD> On Wednesday, January 05, 2005 04:57 am, Hexren wrote:
>> JD> I installed freebsd 5.1 on my computer when it was not connected to any
>> JD> network (but my ethernet card was attached).  Now that my computer has
>> a JD> network connection, I can't access any internet sites, it says it
>> can't find JD> the host.  I've installed freebsd 5.1 on this same computer
>> when it was JD> connected to a network and the internet worked right away. 
>> I also have linux JD> on this computer and it can connect to the internet
>> fine.
>> JD> So my question is how do I get the internet working on freebsd?  Is
>> there a JD> simple command I can run or do I edit some text file?  Thanks.
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>> ---------------------------------------------
>> How exactly is the Computer connected ? (dsl, cable, isdn)

JD> Cable, with a router and modem in between.

>> Have you tested simple IP conectivity ? (ping (that is

JD> It said there was no route to host.

>> If you can ping a host using IP number but not using DNS name how does
>> your /etc/resolv.conf look under FBSD and how does it look under Linux
>> ?

JD> Under debian, resolv.conf says:
JD> search
JD> nameserver

JD> this file does not exist under freebsd.  I created one with the same info as 
JD> the linux one and even after reboot, it did not help.
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What ip adresses are used by the router, the debian install and the
FBSD install, how do the routing tables under debian and FBSD look
like ? (netstat -nr)

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