Howto check the hard disk bad sectors in FreeBSD?

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at
Tue Jan 4 21:19:50 PST 2005

Basically impossible.

Your best bet is to go to the hard drive manufacturers website
and see if they have a software program (often a DOS program)
that you can boot off a floppy and do this to the hard drive.

Or, if it's a SCSI disk you can often run a manufacturers program
under DOS that talks to the SCSI card and will send the commands to the
SCSI disk.

Years ago with the old wd disk driver you could run bad144 and
do this to ESDI and MFM drives.

If you want to stress-test a hard disk then install and run one of the
disk stressing programs in the ports collection.


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> Hi,
> I have one harddisk installed in FreeBSD.
> And I want to check if any bad sectors on it.
> How can I do ? It seems the fsck can't do this.
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