Bob Van Zant bvanzant at
Tue Jan 4 15:43:43 PST 2005

Are your dates screwed up? By that I mean is master.passwd newer than
your NIS file? Try touch(1)ing your NIS file and then running make.

I've never actually setup NIS before. My comment is just based on my
experiences with make.


On Tue, 2005-01-04 at 17:29 -0500, Brian McCann wrote:
> HI all...I'm having a NIS problem I can't figure out.  I've done this
> before on 4.7, and countless other times on RedHat...but this is
> evading me.  I'm trying to re-make my databases since I've added a
> user, I go into /var/yp and run "make mynis" and get "`mynis' is up to
> date.", which I know can't be right.  I've got to be missing something
> somewhere.
>      I've added the line to the Makefile "MASTER_PASSWD =
> /etc/master.passwd" so that YP uses the file in /etc...or at
> least...that's all I recall having to do on 4.7, and doctored up the
> sections that involve the passwd files changed it to only look at UIDs
> greater then 3.
>      Can someone point out my probably obvious mistake?
> Thanks,
> --Brian
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