canon lbp-1210

Michael map7 at
Tue Jan 4 14:46:24 PST 2005

I'm trying to get my canon lbp-1210 to work under freebsd, it doesn't 
have any emulation and seems to be a windows only printer.  Is there 
anyway to use windows drivers under freebsd for the printer?  (EG: like 
the ndiswrapper is used to make windows network drivers work under freebsd)

When I plug in the printer to my freebsd4.10 machine into the USB slot 
it comes up as a 'ugen' which says to me that the computer doesn't know 
what the device is at all.  I've tried installing CUPs and looking for a 
suitable driver through CUPs but couldn't find one.  I'm now trying to 
find alternatives.  The printer has USB and parallel and prints fine 
under windows.  What about if I put a windows box as my printer server 
and is it possible to send printing through samba so that windows will 
catch it and convert it to the crappy printer of mine?  (EG: RAW --> 
Canon LBP-1210 windows drivers).


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