mounting firewire/USB storate devices

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Tue Jan 4 13:26:07 PST 2005

Kevin Smith <smithcam at> writes:

> (1) Is there an easier way to manage these devices.  For example, if
> there is a way to auto mount them when they are plugged in that would
> be nice. Gnome 2.8 is supposed to support this, but I have not found
> any clear way on how to set it up.

See the comments on "wiring" devices in "man SCSI".

> (2) More general but related question...Currently with the setup I
> have above, if I want to use the command "mount   /ipod", I have to be
> superuser. What permissions do I need to set so that a normal user can
> do the mount ? -or- what group would the user have to be in. By
> default users on my system are in operator and wheel groups.

The FreeBSD FAQ has an entry on this.

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