modem not responding to mgetty

Timothy Luoma lists at
Tue Jan 4 09:57:39 PST 2005

I have been attempting to setup mgetty (installed from ports) to allow 
me to dial IN to my FreeBSD 5.3 machine.

$ mgetty -V
mgetty+sendfax by Gert Doering
experimental test release 1.1.31-Jul24

log file written to '/var/log/mgetty.<ttyX>'
config file read from '/usr/local/etc/mgetty+sendfax/mgetty.config'

(FWIW, the modem works under WinXP for dialing *out*. XP reports it as: 
"PCI Slot 2 PCI Bus 1, Device 1, function 0" on "COM3")

FreeBSD seems to see it:

$ dmesg|grep "^sio"
sio0: <16550A-compatible COM port> port 0x3f8-0x3ff irq 4 flags 0x10 on 
sio0: type 16550A

(it is /dev/cuaa0 on FreeBSD)

However, it will not respond to calls.  Checking the mgetty log, I see 

01/04 12:46:55 aa0  mgetty: experimental test release 1.1.31-Jul24
01/04 12:46:55 aa0  check for lockfiles
01/04 12:46:55 aa0  locking the line
01/04 12:46:56 aa0  WARNING: DSR is off - modem turned off or bad cable?
01/04 12:46:56 aa0  lowering DTR to reset Modem
01/04 12:46:57 aa0  send: ATS0=0Q0&D3&C1[0d]
01/04 12:46:57 aa0  waiting for ``OK''
01/04 12:47:17 aa0  timeout in chat script, waiting for `OK'
01/04 12:47:17 aa0  init chat timed out, trying force-init-chat
01/04 12:47:17 aa0  send: \d[10][03]\d\d\d+++\d\d\d[0d]\dATQ0V1H0[0d]
01/04 12:47:21 aa0  waiting for ``OK''
01/04 12:47:41 aa0  timeout in chat script, waiting for `OK'
01/04 12:47:41 aa0  init chat failed, exiting...: Interrupted system 
01/04 12:47:41 ##### failed in mg_init_data, dev=cuaa0, pid=6780

(that repeated periodically)

All of which is trying to be very helpful, except that I have no idea 
what it is telling me.

The modem is not turned "off" as far as I know (it's an internal PCI 
card modem) and the only cable is the phone cable, which works fine.

Can someone suggest how I might troubleshoot this?  My only thought is 
to disable mgetty and try to connect directly to the modem, but my 
sense is that the modem would not respond and I'd still not know what 
to do.

Thanks in advance for any pointers


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