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Mon Jan 3 18:41:24 PST 2005

     On Mon, 3 Jan 2005 16:22:45 -0500 Timothy Luoma <lists at>

>On Jan 3, 2005, at 3:49 PM, Eric F Crist wrote:
>> First off, let me thank you very much for the massive amount of
>> information you've given me thus far.
>I am a commandline geek from way back, so you're welcome.
>My brother actually had a Dilbert from years ago that he gave me where 
>Dilbert runs into a guy with a long beard and suspenders and says "Hey, 
>you're one of those Unix geeks, aren't you?"
>I wish I could get that on a T-Shirt!
>Anyway, the sourcing idea is definitely a good one.  I'm not usually 
>working with such easy source material (I do a lot of stuff where I'm 
>pulling information off a website, etc)
>>   Do me a favor and tell me if
>> this syntax is correct:
>> #!/bin/sh
>> . /etc/rc.conf
>> if [ "$grog_firewall_enable" = "YES" ]
>> then
>>          echo "Firewall enabled."
>> elif [ "$grog_firewall_enable" = "NO" ]
>> then
>>          echo "Firewall disabled."
>> fi
>> exit 0
>yes, that's right
     [remainder deleted  --SB]
     It has been many years, but it seems to me that, under 4.3BSD, the echo
commands shown above would have been verboten in /etc/rc or any scripts run
by it because none of those processes had a /dev/tty associated with them.
Has this limitation been bypassed in FreeBSD somehow?

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