xorg/dri-6.2_1,2 upgrade problems

Ned Harrison nedsmailbox2 at cox.net
Mon Jan 3 17:49:06 PST 2005

>On 12/30/04 22:18:32, Ned Harrison wrote:
>> The upgrade to 5.3 fixed the Dri build problems.  Thanks for the  
>> hint, Jason.  It is much appreciated.  I had to run xorgconfig to  
>> make a new config file in order to get the X server going again.  My  
>> kde desktop keeps crashing but the Windowmaker desktop I installed  
>>runs.  It doesn't run perfectly but at least I know X works.    I
> >will try using the force switch on portupdate to redo those ports I  
>> originally I upgraded in 5.2.    As for your p pro question.  It must  
>> be a default in some makefile.  I'm too much of a newbie to even know  
>> what p pro is. :-)
>> Sorry about not including the prior message.  But I'm still working  
>> off a Knoppix disk.
>> Thanks
>> Ned
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>Your'e welcome.

>I think you have somethings not fully upgraded to have some of those  
>problems.  I hear it is kind of a comman problem with big ports like  
>kde for some of the dependancies not to be built.  Portmanager is a new  
>program I have found and like it.  It is not as full featured as  
>portupgrade, but it is nice.  Install it, it is a very quick compile,  
>less than a min.  Then run "portmanager -s | grep OLD" as root.  It ill tell 
>you everything that is out of date, be sure to cvsup ports  
>and "cd /usr/ports && make fetchindex" first.

>Did you rebuild x after you update to 5.3?  You will need to.  Try  
>portupgrade -fRr xorg.

>If you want to optimize you programs have a look at /etc/make.conf.   
>You can check out /usr/share/example/make.conf first.  The p pro stands  
>for pentium pro.  It is very old, pre pII.  It is also a default  
>setting to optimise for that can help most modern x86 processors.  If  
>you want to set some make options here is mine, note you may need to  
>change the processor type.

>CFLAGS=  -O2 -pipe -fschedule-insns2 -fomit-frame-pointer
>COPTFLAGES=-O2 -pipe -funroll-loops -fschedule-insns2

It turned out to be the kdemultimedia package.  It would not update nor could 
I build it from the ports.  I wiped it out with pkg_delete -f.  Can't play my 
tunes but I'm back on line!  :-)   

Jason,   Thanks again for the hints.


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