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Mon Jan 3 15:00:17 PST 2005

--On Monday, January 03, 2005 04:49:04 PM -0600 Eric F Crist 
<ecrist at> wrote:
> By on-the-fly, I meant by manually typing in a new rule on the command
> line.  From there, I'd take the output of ipfw show and figure out where
> I want that rule placed.  So, for the purposes of this script, I just
> want it to add new rules at an interval of 50.  Within the script,
> different sets of rules will be grouped by the 10000, but I'll worry
> about that vailidation on my own.  The syntax is where my limitations lie.
In that case write to a ruleset.  Keep in mind that you want to not only 
add the rule on the fly, but you also want it implemented should the server 
be rebooted or the firewall be restarted.  All you have to do is write the 
rule to the next line of the ruleset and disable and enable the ruleset and 
you're done.  Much easier than trying to figure out what number to add and 
you've killed both birds with the same stone.

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