ipfw question (FreeBSD 4.11)

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Mon Jan 3 10:59:10 PST 2005

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Subject: ipfw question (FreeBSD 4.11)

I run apache webserver on my server with FreeBSD 4.11

I have a question about ipfw. I have the following rules in my

$cmd 00200 allow tcp from any to any 80 out via $pif setup keep-state
$cmd 00400 allow tcp from any to any 80 in via $pif setup keep-state

(with $pif being my NIC) Now, everything works fine for me, but I get a lot
(and I mean a lot) of these kind of messages in my log:

[Date] [time] [host] /kernel: ipfw: 299 Deny TCP a.b.c.d:80 e.f.g.h:4472 out
via em0
[Date] [time] [host] /kernel: ipfw: 499 Deny TCP e.f.g.h:1882 a.b.c.d:80 in
via em0

(with a.b.c.d being my ip and e.f.g.h being somebody elses ip).

I guess these people are not surfing through port 80??? Correct me if I'm
wrong. How can I change ipfw's rules so that these people aren't blocked

Thanks in advance!

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Im not 100% sure, but if I remember correctly you need to put "established"
before the webserver rule :

# Allow TCP through if setup succeeded:
${fwcmd} add pass tcp from any to any established

# Allow setup of incoming http:
${fwcmd} add pass tcp from any to any 80 setup

	# This is a prototype setup that will protect your system somewhat
	# against people from outside your own network.

	# set these to your network and netmask and ip


	# Allow TCP through if setup succeeded
	${fwcmd} add pass tcp from any to any established

	# Allow IP fragments to pass through
	${fwcmd} add pass all from any to any frag

	# Allow setup of incoming services
	${fwcmd} add pass tcp from any to ${ip}
21,22,25,53,80,110,143,443,993,10000 setup

	# Allow setup of PASV FTP
	${fwcmd} add pass tcp from any to ${ip} 10001-10100 setup

	# Allow setup of outgoing TCP connections only
	${fwcmd} add pass log tcp from ${ip} to any setup

	# Disallow setup of all other TCP connections
	${fwcmd} add deny log tcp from any to any setup

	# Allow DNS queries
	${fwcmd} add pass udp from any to any 53
	${fwcmd} add pass udp from any 53 to any

	# Allow NTP
	${fwcmd} add pass udp from any to any 123
	${fwcmd} add pass log icmp from any to any icmptypes 3,4,11,12
	# Everything else is denied by default, unless the
	# IPFIREWALL_DEFAULT_TO_ACCEPT option is set in your kernel
	# config file.

Best regards,

Andras Kende

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