SpamAssassin-Milter accuracy...

Eric F Crist ecrist at
Mon Jan 3 09:52:39 PST 2005

Hello list,

I recently had to rebuild my server (bad surge protector, all hardware 
died).  I've reinstalled spamass-milter from ports, but I don't 
remember what I put in my old file for it to work so well 
before.  I've pretty much got the base config file.  Can some of you 
share your files with me, so I can figure out what I'm 
missing?  I used to have maybe one or two emails get through a day, now 
I'm getting about 20-30 getting through spamassassin, of those, 15-20 
are being caught by Apple's


Eric F Crist                  "I am so smart, S.M.R.T!"
Secure Computing Networks              -Homer J Simpson
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