FreeBSD server(s) to backup multi-platform systems remotely

Sitkei Attila freebsd-questions at
Mon Jan 3 06:54:16 PST 2005

>>> From a backup point of view, my goal...
>> On a nightly and automated basis - to take a snapshot of all new and
>> modified data from a FreeBSD server and Windows server. Then compress
>> and hopefully encrypt the data and send it to a remote FreeBSD server
>> through some form of efficient and secure file transfer. Uncompressed
>> the nightly data may total ~20MB.

It is worth to take a look at, which is
a tool focusing on automated (`lazy') or snapshot backup. Supported are most
unices, there is no FreeBSD-port however. A windows' client utility is work
in progress, though usable via cygwin now. Its main advantages:
* backups via encrypted streams, public key infrastucture
* only modified parts are to be transported
* preserving the overwritten or deleted files
* quota-support
* userland RAID-option

Have a nice day


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