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Because if you are a software publisher you make a lot more
money selling software applications written for Red Hat than
for FreeBSD.

And since the software publishers and hardware vendors are the
major advertisers in the computing press trade ragazines, and
the hardware vendors don't care about the Windows vs FreeBSD vs
Linux debate and make money from all of us, over this issue
the software publishers are going to influence every column
written, every survey taken, every interview published and
every so-called news article on the subject.

Of course the real truth is that nobody knows how many Linux
systems compared to FreeBSD systems are in production.  But from
the industries point of view, the only counts that matter are
those of SALES of operating systems.  Red Hat doesen't get any
more credit for downloads of the older versions of RedHat or of
Fedora from the trade press than we get for downloads of FreeBSD.

I might point out however that numbers aren't everything.  There
were far more Volkswagen Beetles sold than there have been Corvettes,
but you might consider that the Corvette is still in production,
as is the Mustang, while the Bug is little more than a piece of


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> > The user states, "I have been using the OS for over a year now", Hmmm 
> > seems to me that the user should KNOW the answer to, "and how come 
> > FreeBSD is not as popular as RH/Fedora?"
> Please, enlighten me, why is FreeBSD less popular than RH/Fedora, or 
> linux in general for that matter?
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