CUPS with ghostscript-afpl-nox11-8.50,1

Timothy Luoma lists at
Sat Jan 1 16:55:50 PST 2005

I'm trying to install /usr/ports/print/cups on 5.3 with 

$ /usr/ports/print/cups
$ make WITH_GHOSTSCRIPT_AFPL=yes install distclean

but that doesn't work, it still tries to install  ghostscript-gnu

===>  Installing for ghostscript-gnu-nox11-7.07_11

===>  ghostscript-gnu-nox11-7.07_11 conflicts with installed package(s):

       They install files into the same place.
       Please remove them first with pkg_delete(1).

I also tried 'make GHOSTSCRIPT_PORT=print/ghostscript-afpl-nox11 
install distclean'

Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

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