sharing printers with Mac - Rendezvous?

Timothy Luoma lists at
Sat Jan 1 10:22:34 PST 2005

I've been trying to find information on how to setup printer sharing so 
that I can print from a Mac to a FreeBSD machine on the same LAN.

Everything I find seems to revolve around the announcement for 
Rendezvous, but it's mostly PR and little actual information.

The question I can't seem to find an answer to is:

What's the easiest way to setup a printer (USB connected to FreeBSD) so 
I can print from a Mac to it?

(the FreeBSD machine has a static IP, if that helps)

Any help, including good pointers?  I'm familiar with CUPS from Mac OS 
X so I'm going to try to explore that as a possibility.


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