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Jeremy Faulkner gldisater at
Sat Jan 1 15:00:47 GMT 2005

> Hi,
> Well i use freebsd for sometime and i know many things in here but
 > anyway i do NOT consider my self advanced user... So i am sorry if
 > i cannot explain my problem properly.
> First of all i am running at the moment FreeBSD  5.2.1-RC2 on a DELL
 > Latitude C810 Laptop. I have a problem with my sound card it is an ESS
 > Technology Maestro3 pci card as FreeBSD recogizes also. The thing that
 > makes me worry here is that when in X-windows i open the Info Center
 > and press on "storage devices" section it gives me this screen with
 > the storage devices which actually are my partitions or cdroms. (Sorry
 > i am no sending a screenshot) so there is the root " / " paritions
 > among with "/var", "/tmp", "/usr" and "/dev". Now all of
 > them shows a normal output for "usage" and  "Full%" and for "size"
 > but "/dev" has the following attributes: device: "devfs" (where others:
 > "/dev/..." are having the path) - Type: " ? " (where
 > others "ufs" or "cd9660") - Size: "1024B" (where others "..MB"
 > or "...GB" - Free: "0B" - Full:"100.0%" and finaly the "Usage" bar
 > is red and full!
> Is this normal?

Yes. Devfs is not a file system that exists on a disk, it is a device 
listing that is organized into a file system hierarchy. It (and procfs) 
are always full.

Jeremy Faulkner	<gldisater at>

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