How can I cut and paste from xterm _into_ another program ?(NOTE - I am not an IDIOT)

Hauan David A david.hauan at
Mon Feb 28 17:52:24 GMT 2005

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> From: Joe Schmoe [mailto:non_secure at] 
> THE PROBLEM IS, if I cut text in an xterm, I cannot
> paste it in opera.  That is the only problem.
> So to recap, I know how to cut and paste - thanks.  No
> need for the mouse button tutorials.  All I want to
> know is, why can I not properly cut and paste from
> xterm TO opera, when I can already do it successfully
> gtom opera TO xterm ?
> Thanks.  Hopefully anyone responding will actually
> read the post this time.

Your question was answered.
Do you have a three button mouse or two
With mouse wheel? Or a two button mouse
With three button emulation?

Any way, highlight text with left button 
Depressed, cut text with right button, paste
With middle button (wheel) or with two button and
Three button emulation click both buttons
At the same time.


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