Can "/etc/rc.conf" be replaced with a symlink?

Giorgos Keramidas keramida at
Mon Feb 28 12:38:07 GMT 2005

On 2005-02-28 01:32, Joshua Tinnin <krinklyfig at> wrote:
>On Sunday 27 February 2005 08:11 pm, "Clay" wrote:
>> I am for the most part a newbie to FreeBSD.  I am wanting to move
>> some config files from their standard location to a single
>> directory and create symlinks for each.  Doing this will allow me
>> to more easily maintain and backup the files.
>> dhclient is able to use dhclient.conf when symlink'd.  Apache seems
>> to also work when httpd.conf is symlink'd.
>> Can "/etc/rc.conf" be replaced with a symlink?  I have done and the
>> file isn't being read/found.  Moving the actual file back to /etc
>> fixed the problem.
> I am not entirely sure, but to hazard a guess, this isn't working
> because rc.conf loads before the other filesystems in /etc/fstab are
> mounted, and you have the actual rc.conf file on one of those
> filesystems (though you didn't specify). Apache (httpd) and dhclient
> run after they are mounted. Thus, you would be able to symlink
> rc.conf as long as the actual file is in the root filesystem (I
> think), but I'm not sure if that's a good idea - it might be
> alright, just never done it before.


Some of the /etc/rc.d scripts need to read rc.conf before any of the
filesystems have been mounted.  Those scripts will fail if all they
can see is a root filesystem, mounted read-only, and cannot access
rc.conf options (because rc.conf has been moved somewhere else).

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